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Cyber risk mapping and mitigation. Individual and corporate training. Consulting. Monitoring cloud and on-premise servers.

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MarqSecurity’s Consulting Bundle

Following our own methodology, we are able to present a complete overview of the cybersecurity state of your operation and also monitor and avoid cyberattacks, avoiding major headaches like data breaches and preventing your company from going offline.

  • Penetration testing
  • Identification of hardware vulnerabilities
  • Identification of software vulnerabilities
  • Automated risk monitoring
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Penetration Testing

In a penetration test, we wear the hacker’s hat and hack into your system. Don’t worry, our process leaves no damages to your systems and infrastructure. We’ll have a clear map of the main vulnerabilities of your systems and a plan to increase their level of security and avoid hacker attacks

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On-premise servers

Keep your on-premise servers safe from hackers! MarqSecurity provides best-in-class consulting services for on-premise. Fixing vulnerabilities and increasing security. We currently support.

  • Access control
  • Network security
  • Files and backups
  • Remote access
  • Monitoring
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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud servers need special attention in terms of security. Apart from offering many benefits, cloud infrastructure needs a rigid access control and and multiple layers of security architecture.

  • Access management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) management
  • Security architecture
  • Backups
  • Automations

“The least thing I want to worry about are computers! As an agriculture company, Siloti has multiple servers and computers, now protected by MarqSecurity”

Siloti CIA LTDA, Parana, Brazil

Jocélio Siloti

“In our real estate operation in Brazil, we deal with data of hundreds of people (clients and their family) in three different systems. After suffering from ransomware in 2019, we now have a secure architecture and 24/7 monitoring from Marq “

Meghelli Empreendimentos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Isabella Meghelli

“Online training was the only feasible way I could train my staff. In home office, I’ve felt that my staff should be trained with the basics of security and MarqSecurity’s platform felt that gap right away”

CoolDaddy HVAC, Miami, Florida

Laurence Michelson

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